Rupert de Cesaris

Rupert de Cesaris

A hail and hearty 'welcome!' . . . 

This website is dedicated to my various creative projects, be they writing: fiction, poetry or self-help genre; or music. The hope is that eventually I might be vaguely successful - meaning all this sort of stuff will magically acquire a gossimer patina of 'interestingness' that I will doubtless come to regret in time.

Hey-ho, you only live once!

Writing has always been a passion for me but until recently I lacked the confidence to do anything about it - then the old body clock gave me a reality kick up the bahookie and it was a case of 'now or never'.

Now seemed to be the easier option . . .

Music, on the other hand, has been my stalwart crutch throughout decades of stumbling blindly in the wretched obsidian depths of an emotional wilderness suffering the worst ravages of post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) inflicted during childhood. Never underestimate the therapeutic potential of music - for me it truly was a life saver. 

The author would greatly appreciate comments or feedback regarding any of the creative writing projects listed on this website; if you wish to leave feedback please use the guestbooks attached to each section.

Thank you.


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