Rupert de Cesaris

Rupert de Cesaris

About: (i.e. Load of blurb about how exciting my life has been (I wish) and how much I have done and achieved. Lies, all lies . . .)

Rupert de Cesaris ia an ageing gargoyle gracing the rural backwaters of Middle England. He is recovering from complex PTSD which has blighted his life since childhood. Having spent a near lifetime loitering listlessly in cloudcuckooland it would appear he might - albeit inadvertently - have developed a vague semblance of creativity as he lurched from one outlandish fantasy to another.

In what passed for reality in a dark and desperate world Rupert stumbled like a punch drunk fool amid a seemingly endless progression of failures and catastrophes many of which, sadly, were not confined to the idiot responsible for them. 

But, he has done many things, some good, some bad, some exciting, some frightening; in spite of it all, the rambling village idiot has managed to achieve some incredible things but also done some truly appalling things - to himself (which he can live with) but also to others (which he can't).

Life remains bearable largely because Rupert is nevertheless blessed with some truly great people in his misbegotten life who have selflessly supported him through the good times - as well as the bad.

So now he's pulled yet another rabbit out of the hat and fulfilled one long-term ambition by preparing a novel for publishing. It's not the first novel the idiot's written and it certainly won't be his last as he is already well into the next one with several more still, lurking in the wings.