Rupert de Cesaris

Rupert de Cesaris

Innocence Stolen


A blood red rose grew proud and strong

Resplendent with promise of a life so long

Deserving of the highest praise

Destined to bask in glorious days


But Winter came, cruel and young

To rob the rose its precious sun

A wilting scourge did then invade

To cast our rose into permanent shade


A pale pink rose grows withered and lost

Its stature stolen at such terrible cost

The promise of youth now surely spent

And rancid as its prurient scent


Time steals time, forever gone

Spirited away by some heinous wrong

The splendour of love ne’er to be felt

Unless the ice is made to melt


Innocence Stolen, innocence stolen

Innocence Stolen, innocence stolen


Stay awhile, Benevolence is come

Not too late as thought by some

Restoring life, sweet nectar to tope

Affording the derelict of hope


© Rupert de Cesaris 2001