Rupert de Cesaris

Rupert de Cesaris

Mocking Birds


Oh, the birds, how they do mock me

laughing at my patient misery

up aloft, their wheeling and diving,

precious freedom ‘pon the wing

Graceful forms that proudly fly

brilliant against an azure sky

What is freedom? I know not,

they have something I have not,

as I am told by violent shrieks,

loudly voiced from pitiless beaks,

condemning me for what I have done,

borne through bars ‘pon rays of sun

Teasing, mocking, tormenting me

shall I ever be truly free?

just like the child, I am lost

counting out the dreadful cost

‘til that great day when I am found

and onward, homeward, I’ll be bound

and on that day I’ll rest assured

those damnèd birds will mock no more


© Rupert de Cesaris1998