Rupert de Cesaris

Rupert de Cesaris

Nocturnal Admissions


Within the remit of a night

Dreams of freedom e’er take flight

An errant mind that knows no bounds

In reckless abandon gracefully drowns

Exploring worlds as yet unknown

A simple mind, not yet full grown


Within the sanctity of a night

A perfidious temptress tests her might

What manner of evil came your ‘ticular way

With chasted innocence thi’intended prey?

Stay your hand, for it lives not there,

Within the confines of intimate hair


Within the shadows of a night

The hapless victim suffers fright

Rubescent cheeks that glowed with rage

Marked the passage of th’innocent sage

‘Candescent clouds of mortal pain

Portend that things shall ne’er be the same


Within the oblivion of a night

Comes the gift of second sight

An inner truth that must prevail

In which waking moments’ll later regale

Darkest secrets that can ne’er be hidden

Will themselves reveal when bidden


Now honest memories lay handsome siege

With vivid recall that rails reprieve

The Fates have played a cruel hand

All reason surrendered to a timeless stand

The mysteries of the past must be resolved

If the tortured soul is to be absolved


© Rupert de Cesaris 2001