Rupert de Cesaris

Rupert de Cesaris

Puerile Misadventure


“Come with me.” The big boy said

a smile betraying the thoughts in his head

he led me to seclusion, dank and malodorous

lured by a promise of all things wondrous

An innocent mind was ravaged that day

because of the games that big boys play


I shook hands with Satan himself that day


Bidding him welcome in intimate intrusion

obligingly oblivious of the inevitable conclusion

words of protest wrested cruelly unspent

locked within by the putrid impediment

I was trapped thus, in vilest genuflecture,

helpless ‘pon the whim of this ‘fidious creature


Where now, that elusive Spirit of Adventure?


He that led me so horribly astray

trading my innocence for horizons grey

sacrificing the promise of future bliss

all for the sake of that phallic kiss

A fatal trust that proved too ‘spensive;

‘twas a miserable curse, too easy to give


A curse I was sentenced to oft relive

© Rupert de Cesaris 2001