Rupert de Cesaris

Rupert de Cesaris

Raison d’Etre

I had a dream, a noble plan

far greater than the humble man

sired long ago by ancient lust

born ‘midst the ruins of sacred trust


A moment of madness, frozen in time

rendered useless the life that was mine

the genesis of sorrow yet to prevail

in the legacy of which you now regale


Regard me well, for I am but one

yet lost within the awesome throng

of pitiful souls that have suffered wrong

a terrible price for oh-so-long


Catch me quick, I’m falling fast

relieve me of my sordid past

lead me on, toward the light

so I may take what’s mine by right


Take my side and walk with pride

ne’er more this evil thing we’ll hide

and as we venture that halcyon road

we’ll rid ourselves the loathsome load


And as you sit there, you might ask

what drives me in my onerous task?

Why should I not prefer to hide

rather than this tempest ride?


The reason is a simple thing

dreams that lead my heart to sing

it is my hope that you will see

that such is now reason to be


© Rupert de Cesaris 2001