Rupert de Cesaris

Rupert de Cesaris



Purest innocence paints the land

a parthian gift of Winter's hand

glittering moonbeams lend their sway

giving blackest night the pallor of day

arboreal phantoms lay siege to shadows

as frigid blankets encroach upon meadows


The landscape reclines, chaste and unsullied

all manner of creatures rest unhurried

peace and tranquillity embrace the air

with a hushèd serenity that's all too rare

'tis though the World were born anew

all misery and suffering rendered through


Alas, for dawn heralds the vilest transgressions

hesitant trails of bestial progressions

that rape the scene of 'candescent purity

destroying its brilliance with insidious surety

despoilment thus, finds no greater plan

than that devised by ‘civilised’ Man

© Rupert de Cesaris 2012