Rupert de Cesaris

Rupert de Cesaris


Fall into several categories: Poetry; Fiction; Academic; and Self-Help.

Published Novel: Chilled Vengeance

Crime thriller set in early September 2001. The occasion is the Coming of Age Ball for the Crown Prince; the guest list reads like Debrett's Who's Who of the social elite. Stir in a sprinkling of the world's most powerful leaders and foreign royalty into the mix and you have a perfect terrorist target to play with.

In the event, all but a few of the 850+ guests are found dead in their beds the following morning. The result of a tragic accident - or willful murder? Whatever the cause, the effects are staggering: a constitutional crisis of monumental proportions and an international incident that becomes increasingly fragile as old enmities and suspicions burgeon.  

The precarious political situation is exacerbated by the demise of several key cabinet ministers including the PM and numerous individuals find themselves abruptly promoted - but how will they perform?

Acting Chief Commissioner Susan Schroeder must discover the truth - as soon as possible - but must first assert her new authority over a rebellious misogynistic cabinet led by a posturing buffoon determined to replace her at the earliest opportunity.

To make matters worse, the US President is also a victim; an event that brings its own peculiar brand of trouble and tests Schroeder's mettle with spectacular results. 

Shroeder's first problem is who to appoint as lead investigator? The world's media has descended en masse hindering any prospect of a straightforward investigation, consequently The Cabinet are insisting that the media's darling, Chief Superintendent Foley, be appointed but he would be the ACC's very last choice!

Her solution is simple, unorthodox but brilliant . . .

Current principal project:

In the Wake of Angels 

Sneak preview

First few days of the story

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Posted by rhodgson on
An entertaining read and quite interesting storyline, Rupert. I noticed that the word 'unnecessarily' is incorrectly hyphenated in two passages within the sample, but the overall quality of your writing is commendably high. I wish you every success with this original story.
Posted by Amanda Grieves on
What a fabulous read! A super mix of constitutional crisis and whodunnit with a huge dollop of humour. Half of me was desperate to get to the end to solve the mystery while the other half found it so entertaining I didn't want it to end. But what a brilliant ending, with a real sting in the tail, I could genuinely say " I didn't see that coming." Thank you Rupert for a great read and increasing my knowledge of court etiquette, constitutional matters and vocabulary by leaps and bounds. Can't wait to read more from the files of Chief Commissioner Susan Schroeder, a genuinely feisty, female lead.
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